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What's New in RFS 2.0! blog image

What's New in RFS 2.0!

We are proud to launch realFIT score Version 2, which includes dramatically improved features for members, officials and administrators:


  • Responsive design for mobile users
  • Multiple score sets
  • Virtual certification through video
  • Individual test scoring
  • More information on scoreboard
  • Support for metric inputs
  • Control over publicly posted results
  • Ability to find and contact officials 
  • Improved FAQs
  • Blog stories
  • And more!

Certified Officials

  • Ability to enter results on behalf of clients and members
  • Ability to one-click all individual test results for a score set
  • Virtual certification via video
  • Certify/de-certify toggle
  • Ability to update member information, including password
  • Ability to design custom score sets
  • And more! 


  • Ability to create new members directly
  • Ability to manage own community website
  • Improved reports
  • And more!

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