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The realFIT Absolute Score is the fitness equivalent of your credit score blog image

The realFIT Absolute Score is the fitness equivalent of your credit score

What is the realFIT Absolute Score?

The realFIT Absolute Score is a comprehensive measure of fitness against the “fit” population, which is defined as anyone who can complete the realFIT standard tests.  Our scoring system instantly analyzes your performance in six primary fitness categories, and provides an overall score versus an absolute standard of the world’s best athletes in every test.

The realFIT categories are widely accepted components of overall fitness, and the individual tests were carefully selected to represent those categories. Click here to learn more about our definition of fitness. To ensure not only safety, but accurate comparisons, realFIT provides strict guidelines for both performing and measuring the tests.  Click here to watch the proper form for every test.

The realFIT scoring report provides three valuable benchmarks for every member: 

  1. An overall realFIT score based on a 1,000 point scale 
  2. Category percentile ratings for each of the six fitness assessment components
  3. Performance feedback for each of the individual standard tests

What does my score mean?

Your overall realFIT score is a single number which represents your current fitness level on an absolute scale.  Use the following table to understand how your score compares to the fit population.

Remember, all of these benchmarks are based on an absolute scale versus the world’s best in each event, so it is virtually impossible to get a “perfect” score in every test.  In fact, an overall score over 900 is extremely rare.

Why is it different?

The realFIT Absolute Score is the best indicator of overall fitness:

  1. An easy to understand single overall number - where none existed before
  2. Widely accepted, easily replicated tests
  3. Multiple benchmarks at fitness category and test level
  4. Real-time scoring and instant results
  5. Independent of program, sport or activity
  6. Strict measurement guidelines to ensure accuracy of reports
  7. An absolute scale to cover all performance levels from beginner to professional
  8. Validation through a trained network of Certified Officials 

Most importantly, realFIT is an overall philosophy which emphasizes true achievement and real progress. Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Many people want to become fit (or more fit), but it is very difficult to measure progress without data.  How fit are you? How do you know? The realFIT scoring methodology was developed to answer those important questions, whether someone is just starting out or has been fit for their entire life.

There are many paths to fitness and we measure them all.

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