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Welcome to realFIT™ Score

Welcome to realFIT™ Score - your personal fitness scoring system. Use our comprehensive tools to assess your current fitness level, set goals, monitor progress and compare to others. It's free to join and you get immediate results.

realFIT Score is provided by REAL FIT, INC, a measurement and data company dedicated to becoming the standard for fitness evaluation. We provide data, analysis and tools for anyone who wants to be fit.

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Instant, Comprehensive Score Reports

Saving & Tracking Results

Organization membership allows you to login and begin saving and tracking your test results and overall score set results. 

Test History

Sort through results by date and test and manage the display of your test result data.

Score History

Keep track of your scores and view detailed comprehensive graphic, data sheets and rank result reports.  

Track Your Results

You can select a specific test and graphically review your results by day to track daily progress.

Rank Results

Get a detailed report of your rank compared to others along your demographic options

Advanced Score Entry

Use the Score Builder to quickly calculate your latest your comprehensive scores.

Overall Scores

Once you're a member you can use Score Sets (a collection of tests) to get an Overall Score. Each organization has access to the score sets applicable to their goals. Some of our most popular score sets include:  


Organization Scoreboards

Once you join, you can submit your test & score set results and to try to add yourself to the community scoreboard.


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